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Operation Dark Angel By Pam Funke

The contents of this excerpt is copyrighted.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

“I will extol You, my God, O King; And I will bless Your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless You, And I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; And His greatness is unsearchable.”

Psalm 145:1-3

“For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles; In every place incense shall be offered to My name, And a pure offering; For My name shall be great among the nations,” Says the Lord of hosts.” Malachi 1:11

“He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus! The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”
Revelation 22:20-21


“And I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH……………….”

Revelation 17:3-5

Mariel Balac was a young, beautiful Italian woman who had lived in Rome all of her life. She lived on a large beautiful estate that had belonged to her family for generations. There was talk that it had been built by her great-great grandfather, who was some famous architect. Her family was very prominent in Rome. She was after all a direct descendant of the Roman Emperor Nero Germanicus. Her family was well off. She had gone to private Catholic schools her whole life. Even now, she was attending college at a private school run by the Catholic church. She had not picked a major yet, as she was a little unsure of what she really wanted to do.

She liked children and thought perhaps a teacher—but at the same time she was really good with people. Complete strangers often sought her out to get advice from her. Even when she was a child people would come to her with their problems. She had always been a good listener.

It was a beautiful fall day. It was cool out but not yet cold. She enjoyed this time of year. Rome was a beautiful city with all of its history, but she especially loved Rome in the fall when all the leaves were changing colors. She had planned on walking by the Coliseum. She loved walking amongst the old walls; she imaged the history of the place.

“Mariel?” the voice called startling Mariel. She looked around but did not see anyone. “Mariel?” the voice called again. Mariel stopped in her tracks. She was sure that she had heard someone calling her. “Who’s there?” she called out timidly. She looked all around her. “Mariel, you have been a faithful daughter. You have kept yourself pure. For that I am going to bless you with a child,” the voice continued. Mariel was flabbergasted. Surely she was hearing things; perhaps someone was playing a joke on her. “Okay now, whoever you are this isn’t funny! The joke’s over—come out of hiding please,” Mariel said a little annoyed.

“Mariel, this is no laughing matter. You are a good and faithful servant. I am going to bless you with a child,” The voice said. Mariel sat down on the curb. She suddenly felt very light-headed. “But that is impossible. I do know what it takes for one to become pregnant and I have done no such thing!” Mariel replied. “I do not even have a boyfriend for heaven’s sake,” Mariel sighed. “You will have a son and you are to call him Nicolaitanes. This child will grow up to do great things,” the voice continued.

Mariel was stunned, she finally got it. She was being chosen to carry The Child, her. Wow. She was completely honored. She hoped that her father would be proud of her. She was so excited. She believed that this was the voice of God talking to her and choosing her to carry the Messiah. “It shall be my honor,” She replied joyfully. “And Mariel?” the voice called. “Yes?” she replied. “No one must know of this. Not even your family. There will be those who will not want this child to be born. He must be protected at all costs,” the voice continued. What was she going to do now? She would be all alone. She sat there just staring blankly.

“Do not worry child. Everything will be alright. You will not be alone. Go to the coliseum and wait just inside the gate. There you will meet a woman named Rosalind. She will be your protector. Go with her, she will help you with everything. And remember, you must not tell anyone about this conversation. Do you understand?” the voice replied and was gone.

Mariel got up and headed to the coliseum. She was having mixed feelings about this. Joy because she would be carrying a child, but also sadness because she couldn’t even let her family share in that joy. She realized that she wasn’t even going to get to tell them goodbye. She sighed. Perhaps after the child was born she would be allowed to let her family be involved. She laid her hand gently over her abdomen and smiled. She was going to be carrying a little person inside her. She smiled. She quickly started walking towards the coliseum and her new journey.

Rosalind Carey was waiting patiently in the shadows just inside the gate to the coliseum. She was anxious. The voice had told her to meet a young woman here. A pure, young lady had finally been chosen to birth this important little boy. It was finally time. She was glad to have been chosen as the child’s protector. “What a great honor that was,” Rosalind thought.

She kept peering around the corner anxiously watching for the young woman. “Be patient, Ros. She will be here soon enough. Is the house prepared for her arrival?” the voice said calmly. “Yes. Everything is ready. The others are there as well,” Rosalind replied. “Good. Take good care of her,” The voice replied and was gone.

Mariel walked shyly into the coliseum. The voice had not said what this Rosalind person looked like. She was a little wary. “Rosalind? Are you here?” she whispered. “Wow. The young woman is incredibly beautiful. I can see why she was chosen,” Rosalind thought as she stepped out of the shadows. “You must be Mariel. I’m Rosalind. It is a pleasure to meet you,” Rosalind said warmly extending her hand. “She seems nice. Kind of reminds me of Adrianne’s mother, Mariel thought. She shook Rosalind’s hand. “Are you ready to go? I promise that I will take good care of you. I will be there every step of the way," Rosalind smiled leading the way.

They walked out a side entrance from the coliseum. There was a black Lexus waiting for them. Rosalind helped her into the back seat of the car then got in herself. “This is going to be exciting.” Mariel said. “I’m sorry Mom and Dad. I love you guys. Please don’t worry too much about me,” Mariel thought. No one saw the car or its occupants leave. This was a journey that Mariel would soon regret.

It was a cold, dreary night in Rome, Italy. It had been raining all day long. Rosalind was excited. It was almost time for Mariel to deliver her baby. Rosalind had been busy running errands all morning. She was heading back to the estate now to prepare the room for delivery. Mariel was going to have this baby at home; there would be no visit to the local hospital. She would be surrounded by her new family (those who had been chosen by the voice to surround Mariel to protect the baby). Rosalind had much experience delivering babies; she was after all a mid-wife. She entered the house and placed her bags on the kitchen counter, she was going to check on Mariel before setting things up just right.

She went upstairs to Mariel’s bedroom and knocked softly on the door. “Mariel, may I come in?” Rosalind asked. Mariel was lying on her bed. She was sweating and in great pain. “Come in Rosalind,” she replied. Rosalind rushed to the side of her bed. Mariel didn’t look so good. She went into the master bath and ran some cool water into a bowl. She grabbed the bowl and a washcloth and went back over to the bed. She dipped the cloth into the cool water, wrung it out and gently wiped Mariel’s face. She touched her forehead with the back of her hand. Mariel felt a tad bit warm; Ros knew that she was feverish. She drew Mariel’s covers back. She lifted off Mariel’s nightgown and wiped her body down with the cool water. Then she gently checked the dilation of Mariel’s cervix. “She is dilating quite nicely. It won’t be much longer now,” Rosalind thought to herself.

She smiled at her and held her hand gently. “The baby is going to be coming soon, Mariel. You won’t be in pain much longer. I promise,” Rosalind said. Mariel smiled weakly at her friend and mid-wife. “I’m going to rest for a while. You go and prepare the delivery room, Ros. I will be alright,” Mariel stated. Rosalind lifted a glass of water in which she had dissolved some powdered ocimum sanctum to Mariel’s lips. “Drink this; it will make you feel a little better,” Rosalind stated. There would be no man-made medicine given to Mariel; only herbs would be used during her child birth. Rosalind put the glass on the night stand, wiped Mariel’s body down again, and then left the room. The priest was preparing himself in the study. The time was drawing near. “Paul, upon the completion of the delivery of the child, you are to sacrifice the girl. Then I want you and Ros to take the child to the house in the country. Leave no trace that you were ever here. Is that understood?” the voice stated. Paul nodded solemnly, “I understand.”

She took the items that she had purchased into the delivery room. She sterilized the table with bleach and placed the clean sheets onto it. She placed numerous candles on the tables on either side of the bed. They were aromatic candles and would be used for not only their light but to help ease the childbirth along. She next sterilized the baby bassinet and the tools used for cutting the umbilical cord. Lastly, she set up the altar. She then glanced around the room making sure that everything was in place then turned off the lights and left the room. She walked into the study and nodded at the man sitting there. “Everything is set up and ready. It is almost time to move Mariel down to the delivery room,” Rosalind stated then turned and left the room. The man gathered his things and went down into the delivery room.

He caught Rosalind’s eye and sadly shook his head. Rosalind was saddened by this. She had come to like and love Mariel as a daughter. She had hoped that it would not have had to come to this. But she knew that there would be no pleading or reasoning with the voice. She gathered herself, resigning with the decision. There would be no tears.

The man stood sadly outside of the house in the thunderstorm. “Behold, a fourth beast, terrifying, dreadful and exceedingly strong. It has great iron teeth. It will devour and break in pieces what is left with its feet. It is different from all the beasts before it and has ten horns,” the man said.

Rosalind went back upstairs to check on Mariel. Mariel was in the middle of a strong contraction; the extensive pain etched on her face. Rosalind walked over to her and held her hand. She gently smoothed Mariel’s beautiful black hair off of her forehead. When the contraction was over, she gently wiped Mariel’s body down with the cool water and checked the dilation of her cervix again. She smiled up at her, “Mariel, it is time. I will help you walk down to the delivery room now. Soon you will have a beautiful son,” Mariel smiled and nodded weakly. Rosalind helped her to her feet and covered her nakedness with a clean bed sheet. She supported Mariel’s weight and helped her slowly down the stairs to the delivery room in the basement.

They were all waiting for her. The room was dark with the exception of the light glow of the lit candles. The man from the study was kneeling in prayer before the altar. Mariel could not understand what the man was saying; she had long since forgotten her Latin. But she knew that he was saying a prayer for her and the baby. There were others in the room, but she could not see their faces in the darkness. They stood quietly around the table.

Rosalind helped Mariel lie down on the table. She then took the sterile robe and put it on over her clothes; she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and sterilized her hands. She removed the sheet off of Mariel and placed her legs in position for delivery. She saw that Mariel was fully dilated now. “Okay Mariel. On the next contraction you are going to start pushing so we can get this baby out,” Rosalind said. She nodded to the two women on either side of Mariel’s head. They moved forward and helped Mariel sit up. They supported her back and held her hands. The next contraction was excruciating for Mariel, she felt as though she were going to rip in half. But despite the pain, she pushed as she was told. Mariel was exhausted already. She did not think that she had the strength to go through this. The next contraction hit—Mariel screamed in pain. Rosalind smiled, this was going well. It would soon be over. She pushed gently towards her on Mariel’s abdomen. The baby would be here soon. She nodded again to the women supporting Mariel; they gently laid her back down to rest. “You are doing really well, Mariel. Don’t give up. It will be over soon. The baby’s head is starting to crown,” Rosalind smiled. “I’m so tired Ros. But, okay…….. I’ll try,” Mariel replied weakly. She tried sitting back up on her own but couldn’t. The women helped her up and supported her again.

The man stood sadly outside of the house in the thunderstorm. “Behold, a fourth beast, terrifying, dreadful and exceedingly strong. It has great iron teeth. It will devour and break in pieces what is left with its feet. It is different from all the beasts before it and has ten horns," the man said. He looked up towards heaven and with a flash of lightning he was gone.

A nasty thunderstorm had started up outside. Huge bolts of lightning were shooting across the sky. The thunder was so loud it sounded like enormous cannons being shot off in the room The priest smiled creepily. “You cannot stop this child from being born,” he thought. Five contractions later –it was over. The baby boy was here and wailing away. Rosalind had just laid him on Mariel’s stomach and was cutting the umbilical cord. She cleaned up the baby and handed him to the priest. He laid the baby down on the altar and marked his forehead with the ash from the candle. He handed the child back to Rosalind. Rosalind carried the child over to Mariel and laid him on her breast. Mariel breast-fed the hungry child. “My little Nicolaitanes,” she said as she smiled down at her beautiful baby boy. She kissed him gently.

The woman took the child from Mariel and wrapped him in the clean sheet and placed him in the bassinet. They carried the bassinet upstairs to the nursery. “Must we do this?” Rosalind asked the priest. “You know the answer to that,” the voice replied. “So the voice was back now.” Rosalind thought. She walked over to her friend hugged her, kissed her forehead and then left the room. Rosalind was halfway up the stairs when she heard Mariel scream for the last time. Her friend was dead and there was nothing she could do about it. She would now be raising little Nicolaitanes as her own as the voice had instructed.

Little Nicolai was a handsome and talented child. He would woo anyone who came into contact with him. He had this way of making people do whatever he wanted. Everywhere he went, people fell in love with this intelligent, handsome, blue-eyed black-haired child. Throughout school he was always the top of his class, president of all the clubs that he was involved in; he was even valedictorian of his graduating class. He had his master’s degree in political science by the time he was 23 years old. By the time he was 4 years old, he knew what it was that he wanted to be when he grew up—and he was going to get it no matter what it took.

A young man was rapidly moving through the ranks of the Catholic church. Everywhere that he went people flocked to him. The archdiocese was closely watching his progress. They were enthralled by what he was accomplishing. They had never seen anything quite like it. It was incredible. Surely this young man was a blessing from God! They decided to have him brought from the United States to Rome. They wanted to interrogate him and see for themselves just how true it all was. They were very excited about it. Perhaps he was the one that they were waiting for. The one who would unite the world.

Patriarch Josef Bartola was impressed by his invitation by the archdiocese to come to Rome. He was pleased by the possibilities that this meeting could lead to. He was a man with a vision—to unite the world to serve one god and to bring peace and unity in the process. He was already working on this dream of his. He had thus far unified several churches in the United States, Africa, The Sudan, China, and Japan. Everywhere he went he preached the word of God—in his own words. Every time that he preached the sanctuary was filled to capacity. People flocked to hear him speak. He had the voice of an angel, he was told over and over again. He was touched by the hand of God others would say. He loved all the attention that he was getting. He especially loved reading and hearing about himself on the television.

He very carefully choose his wardrobe for the trip. He wanted to look his best. After finishing packing for his trip, he took a cab down to the local casino to gamble for a while. He was dressed casually—no one would recognize him as the same man. He felt right at home amongst the gamblers, the alcoholics and the smokers. For he was after all, all of these things. So of course, he fit right in. He was pulling the handle of his slot machine when he noticed this beautiful blonde-haired woman watching him from across the aisle. He lifted his glass in a toast to her and smiled. She smiled back and walked over to him.

“Is anyone using this slot machine? she asked him smiling. “No, my dear. It’s all yours,” he replied patting the seat next to him. “Are you here alone?” he asked. She glanced at him and smiled. “Now if I had come here with someone, do you really think that I would be sitting here with you?” she replied. She gently touched his hand. He was a little surprised. Picking up women had never really been this easy for him before. “Would you like to join me upstairs for a nightcap?” he asked. She hesitated for a moment. She had never done this before, but he was so darn cute. Besides, she was lonely. She took his hand, “Sure. Just lead the way.” They left the casino area and headed upstairs. He glanced at his watch; he had plenty of time before his flight left for Rome.

After the massive terrorist attacks of 9/11, the United States started beefing up its defenses. Normal security was increased which was to be expected. But one thing not expected was the United States’ sudden interest in various biological warfare experiments. The US military wanted private facilities built all across the United State. For these facilities, the pentagon wanted the best architectural company in the world to build the facilities. They were very interested in a new and upcoming company called Carey Balac Architetti based in Rome, Italy. The President flew out to Rome to meet with the owner of the company, a man named Nicolaitanes Balac. He went over with Nicolaitanes exactly what it was that he was looking for and Nicolaitanes showed him various blueprints for buildings he had previously built. The President was very impressed. He had Nicolaitanes create some various designs and blueprints and also a few models. Nicolaitanes would then have to come to the United States to do a presentation and bid for the contract. The President assured him that he more or less would be given the contract. Nicolaitanes was very pleased. His company had only been up and running a few short years, but this would help build his company worldwide. He was quite pleased with this new development. Yes, he was finally on his way.

The President was very pleased with what Nicolaitanes had come up with when he came before the presidential board. The Secretary of Defense was very happy with the plans for the new facilities. They would be prepared for the next attack, if ever there was one.

Nicolaitanes Balac’s company was given the contracts. All across the United States top secret laboratory facilities were being built. They were elaborate buildings, all with secret underground portions. The general public to include active duty military on the vases where these buildings were being built had no clue. After all, they did not have the need to know. It was a matter of national security.

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