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Official Release Party TODAY!!!!!

Come join the event onFACEBOOK today between the hours of 4pm and 9pm EST. There will be games and prizes. You may win one of many e-book copies, bookmarks, book magnets, charm bracelets or necklaces. There will even be an opportunity for you to enter to win an autographed copy. Just click on the Facebook link above. See you there.

Goodreads Book Giveaway Through the Eyes of a Child by Pam Funke Giveaway ends February 19, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

Bloggers wanted

Who would like to host me for Through the Eyes of a Child's February blog tour? Interested parties please send me an email. Thanks so much in advance.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Children
Book blurb:

God created the heavens and the earth. He created all of the plants, animals and birds of the air. He created man. When God was finished He looked at all that He had created and saw that it was good. Come see the world through the curious eyes of a child.

Bloggers Wanted.....

Who would like to host me for Sodom: A Nation On Its Knees' March blog tour? Interested parties please send me an email. Thanks so much in advance.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense/Thriller

Blurb: 3,902 years ago, there was a city so evil, corrupt and filled with sin that God saw no other choice, but to completely destroy it. The city of Sodom was completely destroyed by a rain of fire in a single day.

The great nation of the United States of America, a nation founded and built on God, has since turned its back on God. The people have allowed the government to remove Him from our schools, our jobs and are trying to remove Him from our churches. Many have chosen to remove Him even from their homes. Why is this happening to us they ask as they helplessly watch the nation's wickedness increase? How much longer will God allow us to continue in our sinful ways? Will He destroy us as He did Sodom?

God said that if His angels can find 5,000 righteous in our nation t…

Become a Beta Reader Today

How would you like to read advance copies of my books for free? How do you get to do this? By becoming a beta reader. You can become a beta reader by joining my new group here:

Being a beta reader doesn't mean that you just get to read the books for free. It means that you can help point out grammatical/spelling errors, you can make suggestions for changes, you can give your opinion for potential consideration for changes to the story.