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"And it came to pass, when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when he overthrew the cities in the which Lot dwelt."   Genesis 19:29

God is our protector. God will protect those that faith and trust in Him. As long as we trust God completely and have faith the size of a mustard seed, He will continue to protect us and keep us safe from harm. While He may allow us to go through some things in order to bring us to where He needs us to be, He will protect us. 

Look at Job. While God allowed the devil to test him and take away everything precious to him, He did not allow the devil to kill Job. Despite the things that Job had to experience, he still remained faithful to God. So no matter what we are going through, remember that the situation is only temporary and to remain faithful to God. For whatever God brings you to, He will bring you through it.

Sneak Peek

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The Salikhin-Riyadus Reconnaissance was meeting for the first time in years with their counterparts in the United States. They had been watching the state of the United States over the past few years and were pleased with the steady decline in their Christian beliefs. For a country built on God, they certainly don’t behave like it. They are a country of chaos and violence. They have such sinful natures it’s unbelievable. Their society accepts abortions, living together without being married, homosexuality, the same sex to marry one another, the practicing of ungodly religions, fornication, all sorts of sexual immorality and various types of ungodly behavior. Allah would never stand for such behavior which is why we must do this. We must rid the world of these Christians and their damaging beliefs. We cannot allow them to poison the world’s minds any longer. Polla Basayev stood before the group gathering her thoughts before addressing them. This was a first for her. Women had never had the privilege of addressing the men before. In fact, they hadn’t had much say in anything. They weren’t even allowed to participate, though the group did not care if they were martyred for Allah. She never really understood that, but she was glad that things had changed. She looked out at the people waiting patiently for her to speak. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the United States has been sticking its nose into matters that do not concern them for far too long. They say that we are the terrorists, but they are the ones who have invaded our lands. They are the ones who kill our fathers, our mothers, our brothers, our sisters, our children, our families. They provide weaponry and aide to our enemies. They disrespect our Islamic faith. They seek to corrupt the Muslim people with their beliefs and their wicked ways. We can no longer tolerate this behavior!” She pounded her fists on the table in front of her. She looked around the room trying to gauge what the people were thinking. It was hard to tell though she could feel their excitement.

“It is time that we stand up for our slain brothers and sisters. We cannot allow their deaths to mean nothing. They must pay for the evil that they have done.” She could feel her heart pounding in her ears. She was getting angrier by the minute; she could feel it. She couldn’t wait to see them pay dearly for what they had done. Tears threatened to form in her eyes, but she willed them away. She started to pace back and forth across the front of the room.

“We have been watching the Big Satan for the past few years and we feel that they are at their most vulnerable state right now. They have scattered their military all over the world trying to be the world’s policemen. They have neglected to keep their home protected and that is where we are going to strike them—at home. My American counterparts, you have done a wonderful job of infiltrating the enemy’s camp and blending in. You are going to initiate a series of attacks with the help of the home unit. When we are done, they will never know what hit them. Now, who’s with me?”

A roar of cheers sounded as people stood up and cheered her on. Despite the various sects, they were united under one purpose—the destruction of the United States.

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The Proposal by S.R. Harris

 THE PROPOSAL by S.R. Harris

It was the biggest day of her life as she grabs the microphone to go up onstage. But not for the reason she was hoping. He approaches her from the other end of the stage. Though she's was feeling Wowwed by his handsome appearance. She knew the charm of his ways on the inside which brought a huge mistrusting feeling through her. He approaches her with a microphone in hand he bows in front of her on one knee. With a smile on his face he looks in her eyes and say" Will you Marry me" "I love you". She was so overwhelmed with his beautiful smile and his deep brown eyes. How could she resist that? Then she looked deeper onto his eyes & saw his soul. The day she was always waiting finally came but sadness over came her spirit. For she knew she couldn't marry this man per her fathers instructions. Instructing her not to forget all that she has seen and all that was done to her. Be ware of Smooth talkers her father warned her! Overwhelmed with tears in her heart because she knew how much she cared for this man but she knew deep down that they didn't share the same type of love. Oh how she wishes they would be of one spirit with the same mind, same heart, and most of all the same God. Why did he have to hide himself from her for so long? Why did he stay away? Why did he inflict so much hurt and pain on her? Why so much physical, emotional, & psychological deception. Was our love real to him? Was it just a fun joke? As these questions went full speed through her mind she raised the microphone to her lips looking deep in his eyes. She knew deep down inside it was time for her to let this go and trust God to move forward. 3years she survived her lonely dry season with her & her father. While he instructed her along the way loving and caring for her feeling the empty void that the one she loved left so cold.
She accepted that they both where on separate journey's in life not sure how his journey took place. She knew for shore that his journey was without her.
She said "I'm sorry but I can't marry you" . No words could express the deep hurt they both felt at that very moment. He wouldn't let it go that easy with both having tears drowning their eyes. He looked in her eyes again and asked "WHY. I know you love me just as much as I love you and it won't go away no matter how hard we try to reject it and push it away. " With millions watching you would've thought that these 2 where in a private room of their own having this discussion. With all eyes watching and wondering what will happen next in suspense like their watching a real thrilling movie daring some one in the crowd to make one peep. Mouths open mixed emotions throughout the crowd. But these 2 still in their own world.
As she is dreading to look back into his big beautiful eyes now no longer filled with joy. Expression of longing
to have her as his own. Not understanding why she would say No after all they have both been through and made it out of. She lifts the microphone to her lips and says" I cannot marry you because you continue to operate off of my past and of the authority of Mammon and not God . You will & have also place me in the hands of dangerous men that claim to have mine and your best interest in mind. You will and have believed these things to be true. This is already what you have proven to me. You will compromise my life, yours , and our families. For these reasons I can not marry you.
His demeanor completely changes she watches the enemy take over him and anger fills his eyes he says "You are not perfect who are you to judge look at all you have done."she snaps back" We can go around all day arguing each others sins back and forth. Yes I am a sinner but i have been redeemed and forgiven in Christ striving to do better everyday. I have sat and allowed myself to be in contempt over pass things because of mens condemnation. I continually justify myself when Christ has already paid the price for me. He yells " He has done the same for me as well. Look at all I have done for you. yea maybe I wasn't there like i should've been. But I am here now! I claimed you when you didn't claim me back. I loved you anyway in spite of all you said and did past & present. I looked after you and the kids." He pause and then continues "I Waited as long as I could for you to do what you we're suppose to."
She breaks the eye contact for a moment reflecting back for a hot second then says"My father did all those things you claimed to do. Deceiving protection & manipulating love is what comes to mind when I hear you speak. Did you do these because God placed in your heart to love and protect me? or Did you do it on your own accord to win & collect whatever dirt you can? Silence....She continues
"I can no longer be chained to you and live my life bound in spiritual/physical captivity for the rest of my life. Nor in the world that you take part in. For if I were to make that vow to you i would be supporting your involvement and thats what i would be committing myself & our family to. I'm deeply sorry for all that I have said, done, and didn't do that hurt you and others. I apologize for not stepping up in those times that I should have. Having fear, lack, and slothful attitude. I pray that you will find forgiveness in your heart for me . She turns to walk away he lightly touches her hand and gently pulls her back.
He says "Im not letting you go. i don't know what it is that I'm apart of that you don't agree with but She interrupts him mid lie and says "Yes you do know! Beware of smooth talkers as my father would say. The fact that you will stand their and look me in the face and say that you don't fully confirms that i am making the right decision. I now have to place my trust in the only one that will not leave me nor forsake me. The one who loves me unconditionally in spite of it all. The Lord is not a man who gives when he wants and then places power in another mans hand to take away because things aren't being done the way a man wants it to. The Lord says his ways are not our ways. You use control methods fear and discomfort to get your way but that's not Christ way of doing things. Monitoring and stalking playing God from a distance. Then claiming to have heard a word from The Lord that this is his will and its not.
He then angrily jumps in and say" well he is allowing it so it has to be." Correction in her voice she says" No The Lord gives man a freedom of choice whether it be good or bad. He doesn't force anything on you satan test you to see whether you will make the right decision or the wrong one no matter what your status in life is. He wants to challenge your walk see if your life is lined up according to the Lords will and purpose; see where he can step in and destroy God's perfect plan. Satan seeks to destroy any and all confidence we have in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He seeks to Sabotage any good will of The lord wherever a potential threat of power may lie he is looking to destroy it.
Now when we fall and make wrong choice even when the Lord had another door for us to take and we decide to take the wrong one. The Lord gives us chances to turn our wrong into right and say you know what this is wrong I'm not Doing it anymore. This will destroy the purpose The Lord has setup for me if I do this. Christ is looking for us to Step out on faith and walk away. Remember he Doesn't allow more on us than we can bare. Satan can only go so fAr with Gods children. When you make that decision to pack up and walk away from those things. He will send his angels of protection around you and cover your steps. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and his angels will go to war for you so you don't have to. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think. know that he is "I Am that I Am". If you need motivation and or encouragement look into the eyes of his children. See their hurt, pAin, and struggle. Will you make the right decision and stop or will you continue in a way that's not pleasing to him? Will you continue to take advantage manipulate their spirits mold them into your spiritual creation and lead them into destruction. It is ok to say No I will not take part in this. That's what we teach our children not to take part in wrong doing. But as adults we tend to fall into these traps that satan sets before us. Luke 16 gives a more descriptive perspective on this. Part of our journey is learning to have faith in Christ and make right decisions that he would be pleased with. You placing his name in front of wrong doing isn't good. Bullying and targeting those less fortunate is wrong. they have enough things that comes with life than for you to add to it.
He quickly interrupts her before she could continue and says I will refer you to Ephesians 2:14-18 referencing us becoming one in the spirit through him. Then i will take you to John 3: 10-21 that Christ speaks on rebirth of him dying that we may have life again in him. We know and realize that God didn't send his son to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. You see my love if becoming 1 in the spirit under Christ's teaching & allowing him to teach is proper Love in him. I must remind you that the love that we have and feel is Directly from heaven above. She then says" Yes but are you willing to be born again for the sake of Christ Love. Or are you going to continue in your own will ( your way) ?" He looks in her eyes without answering" This was no coincidence our Lord is of Love. Love come from him not satan he encourages hate and envy! Exactly! She says " so the question is what is in your heart do you really Love me the way Christ Love me & the church? Or do you have envy, hate, desire of control , lust what is it? Is your love for me genuinely pure and a Christ kind of Love? I really question it because of the things you have shown & allowed with the mindset of good purpose. My father says A house divided will not stand so It is important that we all know these thing. A man of God is to step away from his family and cleave to his wife. To Love and protect his family with honor and integrity. For you are to build a strong foundation for your family so if you are allowing weak and ungodly spirits within you what will allow into your family and what will their future hold due our poor choices. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. Stand up!
Still avoiding giving her any direct answer to her questions he says "Christ say for us to think of those things that are good, truthful, lovely etc. You are my world! She respond " Is what I have said to you Not truthful and of a good report from our father in heaven. know that my love for you runs deeper than whats outside it deeply care for your spiritual well being. You have got to be spiritually strong and ready for what the Lord has brought you to . This is all Love for I didn't have to share these things with you. I could have kept them for myself selfishly and gave a simple No with no explanation whatsoever. My love for you is so much deeper this is how my father taught me to Love. So as my father would say " what would it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul.
He says" That is what I'm choosing to stand on is the good.
"In my eyes and my heart this is what I believe. I know I did wrong even some things I shouldn't have done I was wrong. I know one thing for certain is our love. He gave my heart to you and your heart to me. So that we may become 1 in him and be a blessing to others.
She replies " You can't continue to take others lives into your own hands that is not why he blessed you and placed you in the position that you are in so you can take control. You have to believe God is God and in his son Jesus Christ. Let him be God and stop taking matters in your own hands and under your own control and placing his name on it. Please know As I speak with you i also speak to myself. no one has perfected this faith walk but Jesus Christ himself. Our journey is to reach that mark. And encourage others to step out on faith and take the journey with us. Assist with spiritual maturity where we can and walk together so we don't lose this fight.
His demeanor perks up" See that's what I am saying we can be 1 together"
Her sarcasm disrupts the moment" First I'm delusional and crazy next I'm your world & the love of your life. You don't know me. Now want us to become one? How is this?
continue crushing the excitement yet again she blurts out
"You married another and said vows before God to another and committed yourself to her. He said" But I dont love her I love you. Its you that I want." She looks at him in disappointment and says "You stay with her and love her. For this is the commitment you have made to her. Whether false or not you belong to her now. My love will be from a distance until The Lord provides me with my own. Which he will choose the perfect man for me the one he has called to be. Christ has given us both new life. He snaps back "Don't let satan just take what he has brought together. She responds back" God's will will come to pass in his time & in his way so let his kingdom come and his will be done in both our lives. As of now You have decide on your new life and who you wanted on your journey with you so be with her Love her. The choice you made is no mistake God doesn't make mistakes. Man makes mistakes. If this is what he has called to be embrace it and be the man that God has called you to be. The story of Esther comes to mind right now. Im going to take the path that he has for me now no longer the path of destruction. I know man has their destruction/ attacks against me but my God will be there for me. Struggling with forgiveness of someone you love is normal. So in Christ we have to find that forgiving spirit The Lord already placed in us & we have to manifest it in our lives for forward movement. Your right about one thing I have a love in my heart for you. But I now place that love in Christ's hand and may his will be done in both our lives. " She kissed him gently and walked off stage.
She goes back to her dressing room and cal apse to the floor crying out "God"? Please give me peace, forgiveness, and pure uncontaminated love. I understand father that none of us are perfect but Lord I longed to be loved no longer abused and then have it considered love. I know you know what's best for me and have a plan. I have to trust your plan.



Writing Christian fiction is not for the faint of heart. As my friend Tom Jones (the pastor not the pop star) recently told me, if you’re going to be a writer you have to grow a thick skin because people will criticize.

A few weeks ago, I received a criticism of my young adult trilogy from a friend of mine who is a deacon in the Episcopal Church. She said that teenagers are going to roll their eyes at my characters Abby and John for their commitment to sexual abstinence. She assured me that mainline denominations believe that concept is misogynous and outdated, and that as long as the couple is mature enough and respect each other enough, sexual activity is suitable and even assumed—especially if they are engaged.* See more below.

A recent (3-star) review of Every Hill and Mountain by SKJAM! REVIEWS closely mirrors her view.

“This book is aimed at the Christian young adult market, so there is quite a bit of God-talk …The sexual prudishness of the protagonists will probably have older teens, particularly ones not raised in more conservative Christian communities, rolling their eyes. Conservative Christian parents, on the other hand, are likely to approve of Abby and John’s chaste relationship.…”

This same reviewer jumps to the conclusion that the reason my characters are so “prudish” is because they’ve been the victims of an abstinence-only sex ed program. He continues:

“And [Ryan’s] reasoning for having sex with Kate shows the perils of abstinence-only sex ed and purity culture–a more streetwise woman than Kate would have noticed how bogus the logic was.”

Speaking of bogus logic. Modern sex-ed programs do everything but assist teens into bed with so-called “safe sex” instructions. It is the abstinence-only programs that teach girls (and boys) to be “street smart,” to warn them of the perils of listening to their hormones talking.

Of course, I was quite conscious as I wrote the trilogy that our culture has taken the position that abstinence is passé, uncool, unnecessary, and an impossibility. (And possibly even dangerous to the health of its practitioners.) No one could watch contemporary TV or movies or read secular novels without realizing that “dating” (if the word is used at all) equates with a sexual relationship. Actually, “relationship” itself equates with sexual activity.

And I knew that many contemporary mainline denominations are silent about what the Bible says about sexual purity. My deacon friend actually asserts the Bible doesn’t even teach this.

But I have to admit I’m more than a little shocked that this reviewer and especially my deacon friend would find Abby and John’s commitment to abstinence a negative. After all, even if you believe that it is impossible to live a sexually pure life wouldn’t you still want novels to present this ideal to teenagers? I would say that although it is impossible to fully live up to any of the Bible’s commands we still need to hear what they are. (And turn to Christ as the law’s fulfillment.)

I once read an article in which young people had been interviewed about teen novels that adults write for them. More than one complained that adults seemed only to write about teens having sex and using alcohol and drugs. “We think about more than that,” one girl said. “We think about lots of other things, important things.”

I respect that and try to offer teens substance in my books. I believe they are looking for heroes and role models such as my fictional characters, Abby and John. I disagree that my characters are sexually repressed prudes. Here is the passage from Every Hill and Mountain that apparently offended my critics. Abby and Kate’s boyfriends are stuck at Abby’s house and spend the night downstairs in the living room. During the night, an emergency comes up and Abby must find her boyfriend John quickly.

The tricky part would be finding John. Pat had brought a sleeping bag from the hall closet for him, but Abby had no idea where he put it. Other than the soft snores coming from the vicinity of the couch, the room was completely quiet.

She discovered the answer to her question when a hand came out of the darkness and grabbed her ankle. She stumbled and landed on a warm chest. A bare warm chest, from which came a soft whoosh of air. Right after the whoosh, a large hand covered her mouth. The precaution was unnecessary. She had recognized John’s cologne and knew in an instant that it was no nightmare monster attacking her.

He put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “What are you doing here? I thought [Ryan] Turner was the one planning on nighttime shenanigans.”

Abby pulled his hand away from her mouth and tried for indignant, which was difficult when whispering. “Don’t be ridiculous, Mr. Roberts. If I was inclined to get into your bed, and I’m not, it wouldn’t be with Ryan in the room.”

“Well, you are in fact in my bed, and you’d better get out of it quick. I know the Bible says God will never give us any temptation stronger than what we can handle, but…”

“Just to be clear, you are the one who dragged me into your bed, and—”

“Abby. Please. Have pity. What is it you want?”

If felt wonderful being in John’s arms, but she had promised him and God that she wouldn’t intentionally tempt him to break his commitment—their commitment—to abstinence.

“Come up to the computer room,” she whispered. “There’s something you have to see.” And then she rose less than gracefully and stood looking down at him. “And don’t wake Ryan.”

I think they’re being heroic, not prudish. After all, they certainly think sex together would be pretty wonderful. Consider another passage that exemplifies the thinking more typical of our culture today. Here, Abby’s friend Kate tries to convince her that premarital sex is okay.

“Ryan said virginity is like a tamper-proof seal on a bottle of aspirin. It’s meant for the man you’re going to marry. And now that we know we’re getting married, what’s the point of waiting. You’ll see when you’re engaged, Abby.” Kate turned on her side away from her. “Let’s get some sleep.”

Abby lay staring up at the blinking red smoke detector light on the dark ceiling, wondering if she even really knew her roommate any more.

How sad that Kate has fallen for that line. It’s not that she lacks “street smarts.” She just forgot to run away from temptation, something that John becomes quite adept at in Unclaimed Legacy.

It would be wonderful if everyone who read my books loved them (and posted glowing reviews for them.) But as they say, you can’t please all the people all the time. However, I really listen to every comment I receive about my books, whether positive or negative. Sometimes I learn some pretty good stuff that will help me to be a better writer.

But not this time. I pray that I will remain firm in my commitment to please God rather than reviewers.

By the way, I am a prudish and happy member of a radical, extremist, and conservative denomination that still believes premarital sex is sin.

*But back to mainline denominations. Is my deaconess friend even right about their teachings on sex? Do you have experience with such churches? I sincerely would like to know their various positions on sex. Wait! that came out wrong. I mean, I would like to understand what churches are teaching about sex today. You may leave your answer in the comment section of my blog. Click here to go to the article.

You can read more about my books by clicking on this link.

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A Walking Miracle

I met a woman today who is truly a miracle of God. The only possible way that she is alive and walking around today is through the grace of God. She has no kidneys in her body and does not have to have dialysis either. This is amazing because your body can't function properly without your kidneys which is why people with kidney problems have to have dialysis done. I just wanted to share this with you because I think that we all need a reminder sometimes that God exists, He cares for us, He is ALL powerful and He is definitely in charge!!!

Let's Behave More Like Christ

Christians it is time for some of us to stop behaving like the hypocrites. We cannot behave like a Christian only on Sundays and act any kind of way throughout the rest of the week. Some are even behaving any kind of way the second they step off of church property. Do you not realize that the world is watching us? How can we reach new souls for Christ when they see some of us behaving worldly? When you are a follower of Christ we can NO LONGER behave any kind of way. We are supposed to be new creatures in Christ therefore we are to behave as Christ would. We also have to STOP running people out of the church. Just because someone doesn't dress appropriately or behave a certain way or is just simply different from us does not give you the right to make them feel unwanted that they never come back to the church or any church for that matter. God brought them there for a reason and we should make them feel welcome in the house of the Lord. It is also time for the church to go out into the world and to start reaching our youth. They are looking for direction and instead of helping them we are allowing the ways of the world to snatch them up. It's time for us to wake up! We are losing our children to the world. They are getting involved with gangs, drugs, prostitution, sexual immorality, going on murderous rampages and committing suicide. Don't you think that it's time that we care enough to reach out to them? Isn't it way past time for us to reach out to each other period and help one another? pray for one another? lift one another up instead of putting them down? Just wanted to give you something to think about this morning. I hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed day.


Imagine that you did not accept Christ into your heart..
You are driving and get into an Automobile are dead.
You look into your rear-view and you see SATAN sitting there LAUGHING at you. He is telling you how his plan to fool you is NOW complete! He admits a couple of ways he personally fooled you and those times he made you think he NEVER existed or how you thought you had plenty of time to get right with GOD. He then tells you he is now leaving you to go do the SAME thing to the people who you LOVE and care about..but you cant do ANYTHING because it is too late. You NOW know that truth..God cant save you. It is OVER.
You had your chance to ACCEPT CHRIST who offered to show you the truth to spend an eternity with him and the Father in HEAVEN. That day when it was presented to you.. you laughed at the person who was trying to SHARE the TRUTH with you and made fun of that person. You said that THEY were a FOOL, and they were WRONG and that they were simply wasting your time and theirs. You told them that you have your beliefs and that they had theirs. You said to them mean things..when all they were trying to do was SHOW you unconditional LOVE. You accused them of JUDGING you..When they only wanted to take away the PAIN hidden so deep inside your heart.
You denied yourself the right to unlimited access to Gods glory and his blessings.
Can you imagine not ever seeing your SAVED family and friends EVER again? Can you imagine being in total isolation from even Satan himself?
Looking and literally THIRSTING for GOD? But you won't ever FIND HIM..
FOR ALLLLLLL ETERNITY. That's not even the worst part....You know now the TRUTH and you MISSED it.
This is why Jesus came to DIE.
He loves you THIS much..He witnessed HELL and didn't want that for ANYONE.
So why did you MOCK a MAN who died for you so you didn't have to suffer?
Why didn't you SURRENDER your life when you had the chance?
This is what I believe in my heart that could be a possible scenario.. to those after they die.. who never knew Christ.
Imagine how HURT you are going to be when you realize this.
He tells you that JESUS was the TRUTH and the LIGHT. You are now the FOOL who just got FOOLED and you can't do a single thing to save your family OR stop Satan. Heck, you CANNOT even save yourself!
Don't wait until you die to figure it out. It will be too late.
The wage of sin is death.
But CHRIST gave you another shot. By accepting Him.. He could then SAVE you. That's why He died on that cross. So we have to decide right now.
Turn away from your sinful nature. So HE can save you from this SCARY scenario.Don't wait until you die to figure it out. It will be too late.
The wage of sin is death.

Blessings and Honor, Oh God. Glory and Power, Oh God. Dominion Forever

Blessings and Honor, Oh God. Glory and Power, Oh God. Dominion Forever. What a powerful song. God is all powerful and no matter what anyone may think, He is in charge! For when Jesus returns, EVERYONE will see Him and EVERY knee shall bow. Oh what a glorious day and sad day that will be. For those of us who have our name written in the Lamb's Book of Life shall be going home, but woe to those who do not have their name for they shall be turned away. "Please join me in praying for ALL people right now that those who do not worship the ONLY true God have their eyes opened to the TRUTH, their hearts cleansed and turned away from worldly ways, may they accept Jesus right now before it is too late. God does NOT want anyone to perish and neither do I. In Jesus name, Amen." I love ALL of you! Thanks for joining me in prayer for where two or more come together in His name, there He is also. There is power in prayer. Have a wonderful and blessed day in the Lord.


Girl Restored is Free...

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