Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Imagine that you did not accept Christ into your heart..
You are driving and get into an Automobile are dead.
You look into your rear-view and you see SATAN sitting there LAUGHING at you. He is telling you how his plan to fool you is NOW complete! He admits a couple of ways he personally fooled you and those times he made you think he NEVER existed or how you thought you had plenty of time to get right with GOD. He then tells you he is now leaving you to go do the SAME thing to the people who you LOVE and care about..but you cant do ANYTHING because it is too late. You NOW know that truth..God cant save you. It is OVER.
You had your chance to ACCEPT CHRIST who offered to show you the truth to spend an eternity with him and the Father in HEAVEN. That day when it was presented to you.. you laughed at the person who was trying to SHARE the TRUTH with you and made fun of that person. You said that THEY were a FOOL, and they were WRONG and that they were simply wasting your time and theirs. You told them that you have your beliefs and that they had theirs. You said to them mean things..when all they were trying to do was SHOW you unconditional LOVE. You accused them of JUDGING you..When they only wanted to take away the PAIN hidden so deep inside your heart.
You denied yourself the right to unlimited access to Gods glory and his blessings.
Can you imagine not ever seeing your SAVED family and friends EVER again? Can you imagine being in total isolation from even Satan himself?
Looking and literally THIRSTING for GOD? But you won't ever FIND HIM..
FOR ALLLLLLL ETERNITY. That's not even the worst part....You know now the TRUTH and you MISSED it.
This is why Jesus came to DIE.
He loves you THIS much..He witnessed HELL and didn't want that for ANYONE.
So why did you MOCK a MAN who died for you so you didn't have to suffer?
Why didn't you SURRENDER your life when you had the chance?
This is what I believe in my heart that could be a possible scenario.. to those after they die.. who never knew Christ.
Imagine how HURT you are going to be when you realize this.
He tells you that JESUS was the TRUTH and the LIGHT. You are now the FOOL who just got FOOLED and you can't do a single thing to save your family OR stop Satan. Heck, you CANNOT even save yourself!
Don't wait until you die to figure it out. It will be too late.
The wage of sin is death.
But CHRIST gave you another shot. By accepting Him.. He could then SAVE you. That's why He died on that cross. So we have to decide right now.
Turn away from your sinful nature. So HE can save you from this SCARY scenario.Don't wait until you die to figure it out. It will be too late.
The wage of sin is death.

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