Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Let's Behave More Like Christ

Christians it is time for some of us to stop behaving like the hypocrites. We cannot behave like a Christian only on Sundays and act any kind of way throughout the rest of the week. Some are even behaving any kind of way the second they step off of church property. Do you not realize that the world is watching us? How can we reach new souls for Christ when they see some of us behaving worldly? When you are a follower of Christ we can NO LONGER behave any kind of way. We are supposed to be new creatures in Christ therefore we are to behave as Christ would. We also have to STOP running people out of the church. Just because someone doesn't dress appropriately or behave a certain way or is just simply different from us does not give you the right to make them feel unwanted that they never come back to the church or any church for that matter. God brought them there for a reason and we should make them feel welcome in the house of the Lord. It is also time for the church to go out into the world and to start reaching our youth. They are looking for direction and instead of helping them we are allowing the ways of the world to snatch them up. It's time for us to wake up! We are losing our children to the world. They are getting involved with gangs, drugs, prostitution, sexual immorality, going on murderous rampages and committing suicide. Don't you think that it's time that we care enough to reach out to them? Isn't it way past time for us to reach out to each other period and help one another? pray for one another? lift one another up instead of putting them down? Just wanted to give you something to think about this morning. I hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

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