Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Latest Inspirational Book

The 2nd book in the wonderful new inspirational series, Inspirational Life Experiences.

Grace Peters spent her entire youth engrossed in the church. Her family spent every waking moment at Full Gospel Tabernacle when they weren't busy with every day life. In her teen-aged years, she begins to doubt the existence of God as she listens to her godless friends, school teachers, music and television programs. As she goes through life, many different things happen to seem to confirm her growing doubts. Where is God? Does He even truly exist? As far as Grace is concerned, He is now a myth. It isn't until a cataclysmic event happens in her life that compels her to return to her faith in hopes that God truly exists.

This book is sure to capture your heart, have you rooting for characters, crying for others and leaving you with a life lesson you'll keep with you long after you close the book.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Amazon Book Discussion

Have you been on Amazon lately? Please go and join in on the discussions about my books. Each book has a discussion section. You are free to answer the questions or ask any. While you are there feel free to check out the books.

My New Release

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my new children's book with you. Today was its official release date. I am really looking forward to hearing what the children think about this latest book. It's so amazing to watch a kid happily reading a book that I've written. So here's to hoping they enjoy this one as much as they've enjoyed the others.

Josh's Wild Imagination is now available for purchase on Amazon. Disclaimer: Kids please DO NOT try this at home. Climbing inside a refrigerator or freezer is extremely dangerous! You can only get to Midian to visit the Fruggies within the contents of these books.

Meet Josh, a happy little 4 year old boy who has an active imagination. Josh always wondered what went on inside the refrigerator when no one was there. One day while Josh is looking in the fridge for some cheese sticks he meets The Fruggies. Join Josh on his adventures inside the refrigerator.

Book trailer:

I really enjoyed writing this book and am looking forward to journeying to Midian again soon.

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