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Author Meets The Wonderful Vivica Fox

    How did I get the pleasure of meeting Vivica Fox? Well, I walked into the local hair store to buy some hair conditioner stuff and saw the ad stating she was coming for a meet and greet. So on the off chance of it actually being true, I decided to take a chance and went to see her. I took a copy of my book with me. She was really very nice and took photos and gave autographs to the people that showed up. But because there were so many people you didn't really get to talk to her when you got your photo taken. So I asked the bodyguard if I waited to the end if it would be possible for me to give her the book. He told me to wait to the side and he'd take care of it. I actually thought he was going to say no. Anyway, at the end he had me follow them back into the store and asked for my book. He said, "Hey Vivica, I have a lady out here who would like to give you a gift." She waved him in and handed it to her. She looked at the cover and read the title before turning it over to the back cover. She looked up at me and asked me if I had written the book. I nodded. "Really?" she said. "Yes, ma'am," I replied. I then stated that I even autographed it for her. She smiled and I turned to leave. She then asked me if I wanted a photo or two of her with the book.
     Meeting actress Vivica Fox was truly a blessing. She is one of the most sweet ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Although she was only in Savannah for a short period of time and there were tons of people who showed up for her meet and greet, she took out the time to meet every single person who was there. She went out of her way to make people happy. She was truly amazing.
     I had the pleasure of taking some photos with her and talking with her a little bit. I liked how she was truly interested in what I had to say. Although she is one of the most famous actresses known, she is down to earth and more like one of us regular people. I think that I liked this most of all about her.
     It was a little strange autographing my book for her, but it was such a honor at the same time. She looked over my book and genuinely seemed interested in reading the book. I hope that she enjoys the book. I pray that God continues to bless her life abundantly for she truly deserves it.
    Hope you all enjoyed the photos and my little adventure.


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