Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kindle Readers Can Now Enjoy a Thriller For Free!

     I suppose all you Kindle readers have felt that I wasn't being fair by allowing my fellow NOOK readers get two of my books for free. Well, you are absolutely right! Therefore, I am also allowing all Kindle readers to read two of my books for free! So enjoy!

     The great nation of the United States of America, a nation founded and built on God, has since turned its back on God. The people have allowed the government to remove Him from our schools, our jobs and are trying to remove Him from our churches. Many have chosen to remove Him even from their homes. Why is this happening to us they ask as they helplessly watch the nation's wickedness increase? How much longer will God allow us to continue in our sinful ways? Will He destroy us as He did Sodom?

A mysterious voice tells General Ludlow about a military operation that will bring an end to the world's evil. Who is the voice? What role will Nicolaitanes play in ending the world's chaos? Will mankind be able to withstand the growing evil spreading across the globe? Will Operation Dark Angel succeed?

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