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Guest Post: Plethora of Player blog tour: Shawn Lamb introduces Dagar

We are continuing our visit to Allon, the site of Shawn Lamb’s new book “The Great Battle”. Today our guest is Dagar. We hope to get his reaction to Captain Kell’s assessment of his behavior during our first interview earlier this week. Check out the interview here.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Dagar. Being armed with a sword, I assume you are of the warrior caste. Is there a uniform for warriors or does each wear their own suit?

This suit is more to my taste, though Kell would argue otherwise in respect to our uniforms.

You sound a bit perturbed. Did the Trio meeting not go well?

Let’s just say I’m not happy with Kell’s tactics. If he had spoken to me first, I would have told him about this rogue.

Then you know the Guardian’s identity.

That’s not important! Kell thinks he can force the issue by public humiliation.

If you don’t know the identity then why are you resistant to the captain’s attempt to discover who is abusing the mortals?

Mortals! The fickl…

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