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Grab This Great Read For Free November 1st

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Pam Funke's "Operation Dark Angel" by Erik Nelson

"War is Hell." "Violence never solves anything." "There are no winners in war, only losers." These popular sayings about war are true (at least from my point of view) but according to some of the characters in Pam Funke's book "Operation Dark Angel", they would disagree and even go as far as to saying that war helps downsize terrorism or that more war equals world peace. Unfortunately, many of the people in Government agree with those characters. Ok before I get too political here, let me get back to the real subject here; Pam Funke's real yet entertaining book. Nicolaitanes Balac who is gaining a huge following in the field of politics has brought General Alexander Ludlow to his side in hopes that they together will bring world peace. This becomes the birth of their operation called; "Operation Dark Angel" which is basically the myth of more war equals world peace. After the operation becomes official, not only do…